Holo-Source Offers a Wide Range of Packaging and Print Grade Optical Solutions Specializing in Holographic Imagery, 3D Lens, and Refractive Metallic Patterns.  

These optical effects have a wide array of enhanced visual appeal from bold and metallic to subtle and transparent.  Our products and services range from custom mastering and origination to the global delivery of our optically enhanced materials.

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Seamless Materials

With our new seamless technologies, we’re capable of supplying these seamless papers and films without a shim line or color-shift allowing for increased uptime and a superior product.

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Cold Transfer Films

A true zero gauge solution! These materials use a poly film to carry the holographic imagery and through chemistry can transfer on press, or offline to your pre-made construction.

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UV Casting Films

For both holographic & premium lens patterns. Our UV casting film is a low cost environmentally responsible way to add holographic effects to almost any package.

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Lamination Products

Our wide range of holographic paper, polyester, and polypropylene films are ideal for lamination, direct PS coating, and cut and stack applications.

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Your brands and products are safe with our custom holography and optical imagery.

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Patterns Imaging and Design

Holo-Source offers and extensive catalog of stock holographic, premium lens, SterlingLens™ & other refractive patterns. Custom Holography and creative services available as needed.

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