Cold Transfer Film

Cold Transfer Film Solutions from Holo-Source - Speed_StickCold Transfer Film Solutions from Holo-Source - V12

Our cold transfer films are a tailor-made substrates geared toward using the right technology for your application. These materials use a poly film to carry the holographic imagery and, through chemistry, can transfer on-press or offline to your pre-made construction.  This transfer process can range from total 100% transfer to partial or spot transfer, allowing for areas of no hologram. This is a true zero-gauge solution.


  • Conventional Holographic Cold Transfer Film (Cold Foil)
  • Full release Transfer Film
  • HyperTransfer for shrink and In-Mold Applications


  • Improved run speeds when compared to conventional hot stamping foils.
  • Lower cost to produce than hot stamping foils
  • Adding holography to an already approved substrate or construction without re-qualification
  • Adds a block out layer to clear substrates
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