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Holo-Source offers an extensive catalog of stock holographic, premium lens, SterlingLens™ & other refractive patterns.  Creative services and custom holography also available.


  • Fast custom pattern, registered image design, and customer origination available
  • Confidential marketing & technical assistance available to converters for sales to end-users
  • Creative graphics design, prototyping and proofing available

Types of Imagery:

  • Dot matrix (digital) - A design comprising many tiny dots or pixels which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, each of which is a separate hologram which together create a 2D or 3D image. Dot matrix holograms are created on a computerized origination system that exposes one dot, or pixel, at a time.
  • 2D - An image in the two dimensions of length and breadth, normally appearing on the plane of the hologram.
  • 2D/3D - Layered 2D images, in which at least one layer seems to lie behind or underneath the other.
  • 3D - An image which has the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth.
  • Stereogram - A hologram produced by recording many individual frames of a sequence of images to provide animation (see above). The original sequence may be photographic film, movie footage, video or computer graphics.
  • Multi-channel - A holographic image in which different, usually unrelated images appear at different viewing angles. The most usual, and easiest to make, is for the images to flip from one to another as the hologram is tilted from side to side. The most difficult is for the image to change as the hologram is rotated.
  • E-beam - Instead of using laser beams to record the hologram in a photo-sensitive emulsion, the very fine beam output of an electron beam generator is used to etch the pattern on the recording medium. This allows very high resolution and complex designs to be made.
  • Composite or combination - It is possible to combine several of these types of image to create composite images, such as a dot matrix combined with a stereogram to give a multi-channel design of different types.
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