Seamless Materials

Conventional holography has a standard 12”, 24”, or 40” repeat line or shim lines.  That shim line is an absence of prismatic color and is usually accompanied by a color shift that can be very noticeable on the finished product.  With our new Seamless and Super SoftSeam technologies, we’re capable of supplying most products  without a shim line or color-shift allowing for increased uptime and a superior product.

Seamless Materials by Holo-Source - Example_of_Seamless_RainbowSeamless Materials by Holo-Source - Example_of_Seamless_Rainbow(1)


Seamless pattern films up to ~1.55M wide (~61”)

  • Folding carton converters can realize sizable savings
  • Laminators can use one material to service multiple applications
  • More options for roll-fed converters
  • No more ugly seam line
  • Excellent face substrate for PS label converting

Seamless papers up to ~1.55M wide (~61”)

  • High-speed application for cut and stack labels
  • More options for roll-fed converters
  • Excellent face substrate for PS label converting


This imagery is ideal for most wallpaper patterns and all converting modalities.

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