UV Casting Film

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Our clear UV casting film is a low cost, environmentally responsible way to add holographic effects to almost any package.  This reusable film is easy to use on almost any printing press or offline finishing unit.  The process is simple: apply your UV coating to the base substrate, nip on our casting film prior to exposing the UV coating to UV light (causing cross-linking or hardening of the coating), and peel our film away.  What is left behind is and reproduction of the holographic image.  UV Casting Films are available for most imagery types including holographic & premium lens, and refractive patterns.


  • Our Proprietary Polymeric film is tailored to your application and the desired imagery


  • A cost effective way to add holographic and advanced optical accents
  • An environmentally responsible alternative to laminations
  • Offers multiple uses, reducing the amount of material used
  • Proprietary Polymeric film that is tailored to your application and the imagery desired
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