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How & Why Optically Enhanced Packaging Works

Companies as diverse as CocaCola and Disney have been successfully utilizing Holo-Source’s advanced optical effect-based packaging for the past several years.

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Prismatic & refractive patterns and imagery have been shown to be particularly effective in their ability to gain attention from passing consumers at a wide variety of angles and distances.  Additionally, these images are perceived by consumers as being technologically progressive, interesting, and pleasing to the eye.  This combination of visual appeal is an important foundation for communicating the mutually exclusive message of brand and quality while simultaneously helping the consumer clearly differentiate and appreciate a specific product’s features and benefits.

Here is a Closer Look at the Features these Select Patterns Provide and Why they Work:

Points of Light: How Many Points of Light Appear to Reflect off the Surface? 

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When compared to standard metallic film label which has only one mirror-like reflection to catch the eye of the consumer (This single reflection is usually coming from a diffused ceiling light).  Advanced, high-performance materials from Holo-Source, as demonstrated by the patterns and imagery of particular interest, provide a visual stimulant that reflects light from a great number of points-- all points equally bright and responsive to ambient light and dynamic motion.  

The Amount of Dynamic Motion Occurring in the Pattern/s as the Consumer Moves Past the Product in the Store is Key to the Response:

Humans are inherently predisposed to peripheral motion stimulation.  Response to peripheral light and motion is involuntary.  The ability to add un-obscured printed branding graphics to the reflected surface provides a powerful tool that communicates quality and branding with a far greater impact than can be achieved in a standard metallic or non-reflective substrate.

Highly Efficient Color Value:  

Holographic and refractive materials have significantly different color value than normal printed or metallic materials.  And because the colors are purely prismatic and born from the diffractive order of light, the intensity in those colors are far greater.

The Sum Total:  

Points of Light + Dynamic Motion + Intense Color = Attention4 

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